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SECO to showcase novel CLEA AI EV Charging Station at ITS World Congress in Los Angeles

Arezzo, September 16, 2022 – SECO, a Gold partner member of Intel Partner Alliance, continues to develop solutions that leverage the most innovative and high-performance Intel platforms. Today, SECO announces the CLEA AI EV Charging Station, a complete solution designed to make charging points for electric vehicles smart, connected, and data rich. This solution transforms an installed base of charging stations into a network that turns data into tangible business value.


A working demo of the CLEA AI EV Charging Station will be showcased at ITS World Congress 2022, at Los Angeles Convention Center, September 18-22. Experts from SECO will meet visitors at the Intel booth (number 1631).  At the event, Intel will demonstrate how it closely works with its ecosystem of partners to develop intelligent transportation solutions, targeted at making mobility more sustainable, equitable and efficient.


The charging station features SECO’s HALLEY SMARC module, which provides high processing performance, integration, and versatility thanks to the Intel Atom x6000E Series​. HALLEY is extremely flexible in terms of connectivity, with available options for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LTE, and NB-IoT. Including two HMI displays and AI sensors, the EV Charging Station is also equipped with SECO’s KarL4, a Contactless-Only Reader (COR) solution enabling secure payments from debit card, credit card, and digital wallets without entering a PIN. KarL4 is based on NFC technology, and it can be easily combined with HMIs or other hardware for integration into vending-type devices. The power electronics module, developed by Imagen Energy, is a fast electric vehicle charging platform providing ideal modularity, efficiency, and reliability – incorporating Intel FPGAs and advanced bandwidth control and functional isolation.


Integral to the CLEA AI EV Charging Station is CLEA, SECO’s proprietary AI/IoT management software platform, which makes it easy for owners of a network of EV charging stations to manage, maintain, and monetize their entire installed base - providing customers with a high-level turnkey solution. A set of ready-to-use, modular tools and apps is included in the service: AI algorithms and models, leveraging the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit for AI inference and optimization, can be deployed for predictive maintenance and remote fault detection, device managing, revenue monitoring, and car & plate recognition. Furthermore, all applications and OS updates are available via the remote web control panel. Additionally, CLEA enables intelligent and highly target-oriented digital advertising. All software-related aspects of the platform can be customized for business-specific functions.


Today, smart mobility represents one of the most impactful, highest-potential macro-trends, reshaping people’s behaviors and enabling more sustainable ways of travelling. We are very proud to bring our technology into the EV charging stations world, offering advanced services and functionalities based on IoT-AI to make the travel experience comfortable and enjoyable, and help our customers maximize the profitability of their installed base” commented Massimo Mauri, CEO of SECO.


Whether you’re a system integrator, or a company that wants to quickly field a fleet of EV chargers and manage high-level services for your customers, come discover SECO’s complete hardware & software EV charging solution at ITS World Congress, booth 1631.


Click here to download CLEA AI EV Charging Station information.



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