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Experience the future of Vending enabled by Oniro OS at SECO booth at embedded world

Arezzo, May 30, 2022 – SECO’s strategy has always been focused on creating added value for its customers, by engaging in ongoing research and trials to design innovative solutions based on cutting-edge technologies. Thanks to the continuous collaboration with an ecosystem of partners - startups and spin-offs, research centers, universities, companies - SECO constantly seeks to transform the most modern technologies into products and services, according to an open sustainability innovation approach.


In a world where the rapid rise of tech trends like edge computing, cloud services, 5G, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) reflects on more and more devices to communicate with each other, there is a growing need for interoperability - that is, to ensure different devices to communicate in an unhindered way, granting increasingly smooth, intuitive, and secure collaboration for end users. To foster the emergence of an infrastructure where interoperability is guaranteed, SECO joined the Oniro open source, vendor-neutral working group hosted by The Eclipse Foundation. The Eclipse Foundation is an ecosystem of organizations whose aim is to facilitate the development and broad adoption of open source technologies using a vendor-neutral approach.


Oniro is a distributed open-source operating system that can power devices regardless of brand, model or make, with the goal of achieving a more intuitive and collaborative way for intra device collaboration. Designed with modularity in mind, Oniro offers greater levels of flexibility and application portability across the broad spectrum of consumer and IoT devices - from tiny, embedded sensors and actuators, to feature rich smart appliances and mobile companions. The Oniro OS addresses the need for freedom, accessibility, transparency, and collaboration among technology players, to create an all-encompassing and open environment that can reduce fragmentation in the client and IoT device sector. It provides a common technology.


Visitors at the embedded world Exhibition & Conference, in Nuremberg, Germany, from June 21 to 23, will have the opportunity to explore Oniro capabilities through a demo at the SECO booth. The Oniro Vending Machine Blueprint - powered by SECO’s ALVIN SBC, based on the Intel® Atom® X Series, Intel® Celeron® J / N Series and Intel® Pentium® N Series (formerly Apollo Lake) processor - enables an automated retail solution to deliver products without human staffing. The Vending Machine Blueprint can be customized incorporating various IoT-based edge devices - e.g., touch displays - and applying AI analytics to provide an interactive, personalized purchasing experience. In terms of Oniro OS, the Vending Machine Blueprint provides support for building a proof of concept showing the Oniro Project’s infrastructure for building an end-to-end solution - a seamless and customized vending machine. 


SECO is among the pioneers of the revolutionary Oniro OS for next-generation devices. Oniro crosses the devices’ boundaries and narrows the digital divide between the big and the small. This entirely open, accessible, seamless and transparent OS is developed and maintained by a global community, which shares expertise and collaborates to evolve technology and make it accessible to anyone. The Oniro working group is always open to new members, to foster an increasing industry participation and ensure the adoption of Oniro by participating device makers.


The Oniro project is aligned with SECO Next’s mission, that is creating an ecosystem of partners supporting the development of innovative technologies based on openness, transparency, security, and cooperation principles. In a global scenario in which emerges a clear fragmentation between devices, Oniro is the solution that aims to build bridges between large and small ones, targeted at developing applications for the Edge AI and IoT world and supporting heterogeneous platforms.” states Gianluca Venere, Chief Innovation Officer of SECO “We have tested and applied the operating system to the vending industry and are experimenting with some other vertical applications. We are confident in large players joining this project, to let the community grow and evolve and achieve economies of scale with great benefits for all stakeholders.”    


The Oniro project represents the next generation of embedded operating system technology for enabling cross-vendor device interoperability,” says Mike Milinkovich, Executive Director of the Eclipse Foundation. “We value the contributions of SECO and other organizations involved in this project and welcome additional contributors and members to be part of what we believe will become a ground-breaking platform for simplifying and standardizing the way devices communicate and interact with each other.”  


Learn more about Oniro by visiting SECO’s booth 1-320 at embedded world Exhibition&Conference, in Nuremberg, Germany, from June 21 to 23.