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Biorespira: IBD obtains CE certification

The innovative non-invasive pulmonary ventilator born from the partnership of SECO and IBD starts its distribution in Europe


Arezzo, Italy, 15/10/2020 –  Biorespira - https://biorespira.care – the innovative non-invasive pulmonary ventilator, portable and versatile, born from the partnership of IBD, an innovative Italian company operating in the biomedical market, and SECO, a leading company in the high-tech sector specialized  in computer miniaturization, obtained the certification of compliance with the 93/42/CEE Directive and Italian regulation for medical devices (Dlgs. 46 dated 1997/02/24, as amended). Therefore, its distribution will kick-off in Europe


This device, developed in record time last spring to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic health emergency, combines IBD’s skills in the medical field with SECO’s technological capabilities. It is an innovative high-flux pulmonary ventilator, compact and portable, for use in both domestic and hospital environments for patients who need breathing support, due to COVID-19 related pneumonia or other pathologies.


Conceived to respond to the current health emergency related to COVID-19 pandemic, Biorespira simplifies complexity and minimizes costs thanks to a cutting-edge, non-invasive (NIV) technology, an innovative and versatile approach to assisted pulmonary ventilation, both in a clinical and daily context.  In addition to ventilating patients affected by COVID-19 without the need for intubation, Biorespira can be used both in cases of immunodepression and in cases requiring pre- and post-intensive care oxygenation.


Assisted lung ventilation is widely recognized as the only effective therapy for patients with COVID-19 related respiratory failure. Thanks to this partnership, the innovative ventilators realized by SECO and IBD will revolutionize the offer for these fundamental medical devices, currently only available in limited amounts, at very high prices and exclusively used by intubated patients in ICUs.

Biorespira is equipped with a touch screen display for easy and intuitive use, a high flux generator for pulmonary ventilation, a closed system that prevents the risk of infection. SECO implemented a production plant able to produce 80 ventilators per day with specific attention to cost optimization. Biorespira production will allow SECO, which already maintained its employment levels unchanged despite the economic situation, to hire 15 more dedicated resources. 


«We are really proud of the results achieved from the skills integration of two Italian excellences and the will to concretely contribute by offering a practical solution to the problems raised by the health emergency, with an innovative solution for non-invasive pulmonary ventilation.», states Massimo Mauri, Chief Executive Officer for SECO.


«Biorespira is a project developed in record time to address the current health emergency, offering an innovative solution for the treatment of respiratory diseases not necessarily related to COVID-19. - says Dr. Corrado Ghidini of IBD Our technology anticipates the transformation of health care models thanks to its versatility, suitable for use even outside hospitals and other health facilities. We are receiving an impressive interest – continues Dr. Ghidini – as evidenced by the constantly increasing demands from health institutions around the world. Our country has always been an excellence in the biomedical field».  


SECO is an Italian group with a leading global position in the sector of embedded technology and Internet of Things (IoT). Since 1979, it has been designing and producing embedded systems – industrial computers that are integrated into a client’s machine or tool, activating its functions and permitting interaction through touch/video interfaces. SECO collaborates with a broad network of strategic suppliers in the international high-tech panorama (including Intel®, AMD, NXP, NVIDIA®, Wind, and Telenor), as well as with universities, research centers and innovative start-ups, and operates on a global scale with offices in Italy, Germany, the U.S., India and Taiwan, employing more than 380 people. The industrial sectors in which SECO products are utilized range from biomedicine to wellness, industrial automation to transportation, and it has clients that are market leaders, such as Cimbali, Esaote, Evoca, and Technogym. Participated by Fondo Italiano Tecnologia e Crescita managed by Fondo Italiano d'Investimento SGR, in 2019 SECO further expanded its reach by completing two important acquisitions. It strengthened its investments in research and development and production capabilities in China by acquiring a majority stake in Fannal Electronics CO. Ltd. In the United States it acquired 100% of InHand Electronics, based in Maryland, a leading provider of low-power rugged embedded systems and software to original equipment manufacturers of handheld, portable, Internet of Things (IoT), and wireless devices for the military/defense, industrial, medical, transportation and infotainment markets. To complete its IoT technology/ product portfolio, in July 2020 SECO acquired Ispirata, a start-up that provides integrated solutions to companies entering the IoT/ Embedded world, accessible and ready-to-use for optimized data field management. For more information: www.seco.com



IBD is an innovative SME originated in London and founded in Italy in 2014. Since its establishment it has been designing and developing medical devices, obtaining EN ISO 13485 and EN ISO 9001 certifications. It is known in the medical field for developing and certifying a next generation hemodialysis device, compact and lightweight, catching interest of internationally renowned opinion leaders and multinational corporations and obtaining funding in the amount of approximately € 1 million. In 2018 and 2019 IBD received several Seal of Excellence Awards from the European Commission for submitting one of the best projects ever presented in Europe. IBD’s team, with over ten years experience in R&D, developed and patented technologies for its hemodialysis device that have been exploited for the development of Biorespira, improving its quality and safety, in record time. Today IBD is undergoing a new round of funding. www.ibdbiomed.com



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