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FAQ on SECO’s actions for COVID-19

Last Update: 11.17 AM - May, 15, 2020 


April, 14, 2020
According the decree DPCM dated April 10 2020 of the Italian Government, SECO's operations are now allowed to   fully restart. 
SECO is working on all Scheduling in order to manufacture and ship to all customers in the very next days.
April, 8, 2020
Activities keep running safe at SECO, in full compliance with the security norms put in place to limit the spread of   COVID-19.
In Arezzo, town of SECO HQ, there are only few and decreasing cases of COVID-19.
May, 15, 2020
To date: 0 COVID-19 confirmed cases / 0 COVID-19 suspected cases / 0 seasonal flu cases.
Manufacturing is fully operational and exclusively reserved for SECO's medical and biomedical customers.
March, 25, 2020
Today, March 25th 2020, all product shipments to customers for the month of March will be completed. As of tomorrow and until April 3rd 2020, SECO will   remain open and in full compliance with the decree DPCM dated March 22 2020 of the Italian Government, manufacturing will be exclusively reserved for   SECO's customers operating in the medical and biomedical fields.
The company announces that it will continue its operations in full compliance with the security norms put in place to limit the spread of COVID-19(decree  DPCM dated March 2, 2020).
March, 23, 2020
SECO, given its characteristics of a platform and electronics manufacturer aimed to the medical and biomedical markets, is amongst the Italian strategic  companies that are authorized to continue production as per decree DPCM dated March 22 2020.
The company announces that it will continue its operations in full compliance with the security norms put in place to limit the spread of COVID-19 (decree   DPCM dated March 2, 2020).


Dear All,

We felt it was necessary to create this section in order to actively update customers, partners, suppliers and other stakeholders on the effects of COVID-19’s widespread. We will update this area constantly in order to allow you to find answers to the frequently asked questions and have a direct access on how our activities are developing.

We are closely monitoring the situation to provide unfiltered and up-to-date information about our facilities and infrastructure. With this post we want to respond to the Frequently Asked Questions about our business. Following are some points and FAQs.

Adopted measures from SECO to prevent the widespread of COVID-19

To safeguard our team members and following the Government dispositions, SECO is contributing to prevent the spread of COVID-19 by means of Telecommuting and by intensifying the security measures in our manufacturing and assembly facilities, in order to guarantee an operational continuity for all Group stakeholders.


Personal Protection Gear

  • Sanitizing gel and solution to each line and logistics operator
  • Protection masks
  • Gloves
  • Goggles
  • Reorganization of manufacturing and logistics in multiple shifts, in order to decrease the number of operators present at the same time and improve safety distances
  • 20 minutes gap between shifts to avoid the co-presence of workers assigned to different shifts
  • Supply of one-time-use sanitizing kit to deeply clean each workstation at the end of each shift
  • To date (May,15), 0 cases of infection amongst the employees (continuous updates on the employee’s health)


Safety measures within the workspace (starting Tuesday March 10th)

  • 95% of non-manufacturing activities (R&D, Sales, Marketing, Finance, Administration, Purchasing, IT, HR) are working remotely
  • Extraordinary sanitizing and hygiene measures by third party cleaning organizations are in effect
  • Temperature measurements of employees both at shift beginning and end
  • No outside visitors allowed on premise
  • Business travel has been suspended
  • Receipt of goods in a controlled environment
  • Implented protection barriers to assure the minimal distance



Apart from the production plant which is running properly at SECO, what about the impact on shipments?

Having its own production plants, thus managing all operations, currently SECO is manufacturing and shipping goods regularly. 


Are there any restrictions/limitations for carriers (FedEx, UPS, etc.)? Can they move freely within Italy, cross borders within the EU and International borders?

The Italian government decree has not placed any limitation on ground cargo on Italian soil and international hubs.


Are there delays in the supply chain, for instance with goods coming from China?

There can be some delays for components coming from Asia, but currently there is no impact on manufacturing. A SECO dedicated team is monitoring the situation continuously while we activate multiple points of sourcing.


Are you able to communicate delays?

For the time being our delivery plans are generally unvaried, however these can be verified through your sales contact.



For additional information please contact us through: CONTACT US on our website.