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SECO and Exein: a partnership to raise customer solutions’ security levels

Arezzo, June 7, 2022 – SECO, a global leader for Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions and a proud long-standing exhibitor, is preparing to welcome visitors to embedded world Exhibition&Conference 2022 at booth 1-320.


In addition to SECO’s products and services portfolio, this year’s event will introduce visitors to SECO’s partnership, announced last March, with Exein - a leading company in embedded security based in Rome and San Francisco, also exhibiting at embedded world.


Exein has developed the first security ecosystem entirely dedicated to the life cycle of IoT devices, from development to management: an open-source, innovative solution that allows detection and neutralization of cyber threats, timely defining corrective actions to be undertaken without compromising the operation of in-the-field devices. All this is made possible by proprietary and on-edge Artificial Intelligence algorithms.


The two companies are working together to integrate Exein solutions into SECO products, to strengthen the security level of hardware/software components. In particular, SECO customers can add Exein’s software as an additional service to the IoT and AI functionalities offered by CLEA, the proprietary IoT/AI software platform developed by SECO. This increases the security, safety, and protection levels of SECO’s edge-to-AI offerings.


With the integration of Exein solutions, available for all SECO products starting in September 2022, SECO will provide its customers with a secure-by-design solution available on a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) basis, making their cybersecurity investments modular.


Adding value to the products of our customers is always at the core of our strategy, especially when it comes to increasing the level of protection of their data. By combining our hardware and software products with the solutions developed by Exein, we can offer our customers a secure-by-design solution, allowing them to design personalized and high value-added offers to their own final users” said Massimo Mauri, CEO of SECO.


Gianni Cuozzo, CEO at Exein echoed, “With this partnership, Exein's solutions are natively integrated in every SECO hardware and software product, creating the most advanced and secure IoT offerings on the market. Exein's technical excellence enables SECO’s clients to create secure products for their own end users. This collaboration reflects SECO’s desire to provide secure-by-design solutions in a very challenging and volatile context.


Embedded world visitors will have the chance to learn more about this partnership and the opportunities it unlocks on the cybersecurity side, both at the SECO (1-320) and Exein (4-438) booths at embedded world.