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Laserwall chooses SECO’s solutions for its digital billboards

Multi-year partnership involving the use of the IoT-AI platform Clea


Arezzo/Milan, June 14 2021 – Laserwall Srl, innovative digital signage start-up, and SECO SpA, reference player in the field of technological innovation and Internet of Things solutions, have reached an agreement for the production of Laserwall-branded digital billboards, starting from the second half of 2021.

A multi-year agreement, the deal envisages an order of 5,000 units just signed by the parties, already in production for a total amount of over Euro 2 million with delivery scheduled for 2021. Besides, negotiations have already started to finalise a new order of 10,000 units by 2021, together with the use of Clea, SECO’s IoT-AI platform, into Laserwall’s solutions.

Designed to connect the neighborhood communities, providing value-added services for apartment buildings and their residents, Laserwall’s billboards are made of a system with a user-friendly touch display. They can be installed at no cost at the buildings halls and can be accessed remotely via smartphones, tablets and PCs through a dedicated app.

Integrated, connected to the Internet and easy to use, Laserwall’s solution allows residents and condo managers to efficiently reach out on communications and residents’ meetings, and be informed on the main events and offers in the city or the neighborhood.

For business clients, digital billboards represent an opportunity to display targeted and interactive promotional contents, by means of banners, discount coupons and e-commerce platforms re-directing. Also, geolocalisation and interaction analytics functionalities allow to monitor the success rate of the advertising campaigns, keeping costs under control and proportional to the number of apartments to be reached.

Clea’s AI algorithms will allow the advertisers using Laserwall’s solution to optimize their promotional campaigns and maximize the return of their investment. 
Digital billboards represent a unique and highly innovative solution in the condominium management, thanks to the union between the creativity and market vision of Laserwall, and a complete hardware and software offering by SECO.
Thanks to this agreement, SECO enters in the high-growth sector of the Integrated Smart Building Solutions, consistently with the Group’s strategy to further increase its presence in highly attractive segments.

“We are delighted to collaborate with an innovative company like Laserwall. We think introducing digitalisation into condominium life is a brilliant idea with an enormous potential. Thanks to the use of Clea, with its artificial intelligence module, Laserwall will be able to propose high added value solutions to its clients, based on state-of-the art technologies enabling advanced functionalities to the platform’s users”, said Massimo Mauri, SECO CEO.

“Laserwall has chosen SECO to produce its innovative digital billboards for apartment buildings: growing exponentially every month in terms of territorial presence, we want to be certain to guarantee excellence in terms of products and services to our users…and SECO is the Italian excellence in this sector. We are very happy with the agreement we reached, that projects us into the next few months where we are targeting 15.000 additional installations with a digital billboard made by SECO, a jewel of the indoor touch screen, IoT and AI technologies”, said Salvatore Dolce and Marco Giapponese, Laserwall co-CEOs.




SECO (IOT.MI), listed on Borsa Italiana’s Mercato Telematico Azionario (STAR segment), is a center of excellence in the field of technological innovation and integration. The company has been operating in the high-tech market for over 40 years, designing, developing and manufacturing cutting-edge proprietary technological solutions for industrial clients. SECO products range from miniaturized computers to standard or customized hardware, high-tech finished products and hardware-software integrated systems for highly diversified end-markets, including medical, industrial automation, aerospace and defense, wellness and vending systems. In addition, the company has further improved its product range by scaling the value chain with the launch of Clea, a proprietary Platform as A Service (i.e. PaaS), providing services and solutions for applications within the Internet of Things (“IoT”) allowing clients to manage their IoT Endpoints in an efficient, effective and simple manner. With over 450 employees and a turnover of €76.1 million as of December 31, 2020, SECO operates on a global scale with offices in Europe, North America, and Asia, as well as production facilities in Italy and China, serving more than 200 blue-chip customers which are leaders in their respective fields. SECO R&D capabilities are further enhanced by long-lasting strategic partnerships with tech giants and collaboration with universities, research centers, and innovative start-ups. SECO constantly focuses on corporate social responsibility, undertaking several actions to reduce its environmental footprint and increase its impact on its people and local communities.

For more information: http://www.seco.com/



SECO Mind, a SECO Group company, specializes in Artificial Intelligence and IoT. The company recently launched Clea, a highly customizable platform that collects and analyzes data from sensors in the field to provide real-time insights, offering a complete solution for the creation of new generation digital services and enabling new business models for end customers.



Laserwall is the technology that connects apartment buildings to the opportunities of their neighborhoods, integrating updates on the condominium news and the communications from the condo manager. Thanks to an app and a digital billboard, users can access dedicated promotions, social events, useful information on repairers and professionals. Also, Laserwall is a new digital media platform that allows for extremely low lead generation costs versus a high level of customer profiling, accessible both from large brands and small businesses. The installation of the digital billboard is free and useful to condo managers, residents and companies that wish to innovatively enter in direct contact with each other and the local community in which they operate

For more information: https://laserwall.it/




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